What's going on at GDG?

Privacy & Security

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Because we only work with the latest hardware, software, content management systems and partners, you can trust that your work/website is in safe hands. Working with these well-known systems means that many many hours of development are constantly being fed into them, any unsafe loophole that is found is fixed almost immediately. The same goes for any personal information or data that may be given to us by our clients in order for us to carry out the work, we don’t keep any credit card information and any sensitive information is either deleted or stored securely offline/offsite once the job is complete. We offer maintenance plans where we can provide you with frequent website backups and the application of security patches when they become available. We keep multiple mirrored backups of all our data so you can be sure we’re not going to lose anything of yours. This day in age; backups, privacy and security is a must.

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